Find Your Painting Style

If you don’t know how to discover your style,
how will you ever be able to
share your work with confidence...



Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to discover, develop and refine your STYLE

You already know that the inspiring Artists you currently look up to have a recognizable style.
Chances are, that's exactly what you want too right?

  • You want more direction in your studio 
  • You want to stop spiraling from one idea to the next  
  • You want to be able to produce a cohesive series of work  
  • You want to know how to source your own inspiration 
  • You want a recognizable style

You want all this so that you can confidently share your work and feel like a 'legit' artist right..
The challenge is how to get there?

You get help from a
trusted Artist and Educator

Hey there! I'm Natalie, Professional Artist and Trained Educator.

I've put together this special 5 part training series to teach you the exact 5 step process to discover, develop and refine your own unique style.

I've taught this process to thousands of students both in my decade of teaching secondary school art and design and in the last 3 years working with women artists online.

I personally use this process over and over again to continue to refine my own style as I work as a professional artist from my home studio in Melbourne, Artist.

And now, I'm sharing it with you...

Why, because I see far too many women artists holding back from sharing their work because they feel they don't have a style. 

The TRUTH is...
If you don't find your own unique painting style your work will stay in your studio and you'll never share it with the world so that it can get the recognition it deserves.

Because, here's another TRUTH bomb...
You have a gift. Your creativity isn't solely for you alone.
It's given to you to create the work you were born to create so that others can benefit from it.

You just need a little help

That's why I'm offering you the chance to grab this workshop series for just a small investment of $67

When you join us for our $67workshop series, 

You'll walk away with a 5 step process showing you EXACTLY how to discover, develop and refine your STYLE

You get to keep the training recordings and workbook


The trainings are approximately 30 - 45 minutes long

The trainings are all available as soon as you enroll. 

You sure do. All trainings will be uploaded to an online portal for your personal use at any time you need them.

Yes there is. The workbook is designed to help you work through your style and put together an actionable PLAN that you can use in your studio.

2000 Artists have been through this training! Here's what some had to say...


The Artist, Mentor and Podcaster teaching thousands of women artists around the globe how to develop their creativity and build their art businesses.

If you are ready to discover a simple 5 step progress to Find Your Painting Style don't wait...
SIGN UP NOW for the Find Your Painting Style Workshop Series!

For less than a fast food meal or a couple of cups of coffee, you will learn exactly where to focus in your studio!