. Fabulous Florals Bundle

Fabulous Florals Bundle

Explore Florals In 3 Different Art Styles

An online self paced floral painting course guiding you through Natalie's tips and tricks for creating Fabulous Floral Artworks

I love love LOVE florals and have worked with them in my own creative practice practice for over a decade.

I'm often asked how do you find your own art style, especially when they're are SO many other Artists painting florals.

Here's how you do it:
You study many different art styles, even those that may be a little outside of your comfort zone. Then you can combine the elements from different styles that  you love in your own way to develop your own unique style.

SO if you're a floral lover like me and I guess you are because you're here checking out this course, then do  yourself and your art a huge favour and dive right on into these lessons. 

What You'll Learn...

  • How to work with a variety of media including acrylics, inks/watercolouos, pencil and paint pens
  • How to draw different floral and botanical forms for use in your work
  • How to plan out your colours for a cohesive art work
  • How to add patterns and designs to your work for more individual flair
  • How to loosen up your brush strokes and marks to create expressive artworks
  • How to add finishing touches to an art work 
  • PLUS much more

What's covered in each course?

Expressionist Florals (Valued at $97)

If you've ever wanted to loosen up your brushstrokes but have no idea how this is the course for you!

In expressionist florals you'll explore different techniques and media that will help you be more expressive and free with your floral paintings.

In Part 1 you'll be guided through 5 different warm up exercises all designed to get the creative juices going and fill you with ideas (and the skills!) needed to create your own masterpieces.

In Part 2 you'll reflect on your studies and choose elements from your work to develop into your final artworks.

Pop Art Florals (Valued at $97)

If you love bright, fun and bold artwork you'll love this course.

In Pop Art Florals you'll explore working with simple floral forms, bold colours, lines and patterns to create funky floral artworks.

In Part 1 you'll build up your image bank of floral forms and shapes so you have plenty of imagery for your work.

In Part 2 we dive into colour where you'll plan out your bold colours and individual patterns to add creative flair to your work.

In Part 3 you'll be guided through creating your final Pop Art floral masterpiece. 

Mixed Media Botanicals (Valued at $97)

There's something magical about working with a variety of different media in an artwork.

In Mixed Media Botanicals you'll be shown how to work with different wet and dry media to create a variety of wonderful effects.

In Part 1 you'll source your botanical imagery so you have plenty of imagery for your work. You'll then be guided through 9 short exercises showing  you how to combined different media

In Part 2 you'll reflect on your studies and choose elements from your work to develop into your final artworks.


I have some extra “treats” for you. The trainings inside Fabulous Florals will give you an abundance of new and inspiring ideas to apply to your floral paintings. While that's fantastic these bonuses will help move through any blocks or where to from here thoughts that can pop up!

BONUS 1: What To Do When You Get Stuck
(Valued at $47)

Along with the training, you'll also receive a bonus training video giving you advice on what to do when you get stuck. You know that icky middle part of the creative process where you're not sure what to do what next? I'll talk you through what to do so you can move through the middle process and finish off your work.

BONUS 2: How to Create Pages For Collage
(Valued at $47)

Along with the training, you'll also receive a bonus training video showing you how to use different art mediums to create collage papers. Use this bonus to create collage papers of your colour choice to use in your work.

Grab the FABULOUS FLORALS Bundle Today and you'll get instant access to...

+ Expressionist Florals  (valued at $97)

+ Pop Art Florals (valued at $97)

+ Mixed Media Botanicals (valued at $97)

+ What To Do When You Get Stuck (valued at $47)

+ Collage Papers (valued at $47)

Total Value =$385
Today's Price = $97

What supplies are required?

I always recommend to my students  that they use what they have on hand right now. All of my lessons can be adapted to your supplies and colour preferences.

Basic supplies that will be useful include:

Wet media: Acrylics, Inks, Watercolours
Dry Media: Coloured pencils, charcoal, paint pens
Painting surfaces: Whatever size or surface you prefer including, 300gsm paper, (minimum thickness for wet work), canvas, wooden panels, canvas boards

How does the course work?

As soon as you sign up you'll be given instant access to all the courses in this bundle. This is fantastic as it means you can get started straight away!

You'll receive an email confirmation with details on how to access the courses which are hosted on the New Zenler platform.

We even have an app you can download, just go to google/apple store and download the Zenler app. This is great for bingeing on the lessons on the go while you're waiting to get into your studio.

PLUS you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run Fabulous Florals Bundle.  

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