. Mixed Media Florals Made Easy

What if there was an easy way to create Mixed Media Florals without a lot of art supplies or previous experience?

Many new and emerging artists want to introduce mixed media
into their art work but they aren't too sure how to go about it.....


+ They think they need to go out and buy a whole lot of new art supplies, when in fact they can simply work with what they have at home.
Although buying new art supplies is always fun right!

 + They aren't yet confident enough in their skills and need GUIDANCE to show them how to get started and put it altogether

+ They're stumped for time and need an EASY and QUICK training on how to get started faster

+ They get stuck in the messy middle and don't know how what to do next.

Artists like yourself need an easy and quick way to explore mixed media 
without having to spend hours in the studio and wasting art supplies.

Fortunately for you... I have created a solution that does just this



Hobbie Artists

Newbie Artists

Emerging Artists

Artists looking for new ideas



WORKSHOP 1 / Getting Started

In this workshop, you'll learn how to pick a colour palette, how to lay down your base coat and how to add shades and tones to your work.

What We'll Work On

+How to Lay Down a Base
+How To Create Stems
+How To Add Shades and Tones


WORKSHOP 2 / Building The Composition

In this workshop, you learn how to add a vase to work, how to use different floral forms, how to define your shapes and how to start to introduce collage.

What We'll Work On

+How To Add a Vase
+How To Add Floral Forms
+How To Add Collage

EXTRA BONUS How to Create Pages For Collage

Along with the training, you'll also receive a bonus training video showing you how to use different art mediums to create collage papers. Use this bonus to create collage papers of your colour choice to use in your work.


WORKSHOP 3 / Adding The Finishing Touches

In this workshop, you'll learn how to add the finishing touches to your work using a balance of light and dark and finer details.

What We'll Work On

+How To Add The Finishing Touches To An Artwork

EXTRA BONUS What To Do When You Get Stuck

Along with the training, you'll also receive a bonus training video giving you advice on what to do when you get stuck. You know that icky middle part of the creative process where you're not sure what to do what next? I'll talk you through what to do so you can move through the middle process and finish off your work.

Grab the Easy Way!

+ Starting An Artwork (valued at $47)

+ Building A Composition (valued at $47)

+ Finishing An Artwork (valued at $47)

+ Collage Papers (valued at $47)

+ When You Get Stuck (valued at $47)
+ Art Supplies Overview (valued at $47)

+ Art Supplies List (valued at $27)

Total Value = $309
Today's Price = $9.99

Plus Get These BONUSES


In this BONUS training I'll talk you through the various art supplies used in this Workshop. 


You'll receive a BONUS Art Supplies list that you can pick and choose from according to your needs.

Hey I'm Natalie

I love to paint florals and over the years have experienced working in a variety of different media. I was once a purest painter who only painted in acrylics and wouldn't dare add inks or pencil to my work. 

Then I started exploring in the studio and I discovered the wonderful freedom of working with different media in a piece. I could be free and expressive with the paint and then detailed and controlled with pencils and paint pens. Not to mention the beautiful layering you can achieve working this way.

Now it's your turn to experiment with new media in studio and discover new creative pathways to explore.

Be inspired to freely explore different media in your work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can take this course using basic art supplies that you have at home for example:

Wet Media - e.g high flow acrylics, pigment inks, water colours ink, acrylic paints
Dry Media - Water colour pencils, coloured pencils, gel pens, posca paint pens
Paper - 300gsm water colour paper, any size. The lesson is demonstrated on A3

Absolutely! This course is fantastic for beginners. I will guide you every step of the way through the video tutorials. If you're new, you can simply copy the example I share with you while you build your confidence. 

Yes and Yes! I was an experienced painter when I went through this exact process I am teaching inside the course. I was a burnt out painter, painting realist artworks for hours on end and losing interest in art and creating altogether. The lessons in this course are designed to reignite your passion for creating again, to give you new ways of looking at your work and for you to find more joy and freedom in what you create. 

The full short course is approximately 60 minutes in length. Broken down into 7 small lessons you can work through individually and space out as work dries.