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Spark Up Your Creativity In Just 3 Days

May 19, 20, 23

Are you a newbie wanting to dip your toes into the wonderful world of creativity and paint!    
Are you looking for a quick and inspiring way to bring the spark back to your creative practice.

Join me (Natalie) for 3 Days of Creative Exploration where you'll learn
3  quick and expressive ways to add some spark to your creative work.

What you'll learn in this challenge:

+ You'll learn how to explore colour, collage and mixed media

+You'll learn a quick way to start an artwork that removes the fear of the 'blank canvas'

+ You'll learn 2  effective colour schemes that will take away the mystery of choosing the right colours

+ You'll learn how to work in layers which will add visual interest to your work and make it stronger


+ You'll  have access to a private online Facebook community of other Artists to share your work with and get inspired.
 (A great way to learn together and have a sense of accountability).

For 3 days you will receive 3 short video lessons (approx 10 mins) demonstrating an art making process to spark up your creativity! All of which you can then work through in less than 30 minutes!  

All video's will be posted inside our private Facebook group, exclusively for this challenge.


There will be a short video (approx 10 mins) demonstrating the daily art prompt to help inspire and guide you. These will be pre-recorded so they can work around your schedule.


Everyday you'll receive a new art prompt in the form of a visual example and written description

"An uplifting moment in my day, I feel like I'm achieving things!!"

Caroline Bennett

"Absolutely amazing challenge. Lovely presented. Full of energy ⚡ Sometimes it's hard to find a time for things in life. But please do, as you are in charge of your own live and creative moments."

Jelena Visemirska

Hi! I'm Natalie, Artist & Educator

I know all to well the pressures of time, feeling unmotivated and stuck in my creative practice. For many years I juggled a full time job, a side business and a growing list art of art shows and commissions. I was time poor and got so frustrated with having to find time to just set up my supplies! I was living in a small studio apartment and lacked space. I had all the reasons to not create, yet the desire wouldn't go away. I found a way to set up a small space, store paints I could access straight away and paint for less than 30 minutes a day. This simple process helped bring a sense of calm and joy into my life. 

This is why I've created this challenge for you!

Natalie Parker - Artist and Educator

At the end of the challenge you'll have...

  • 3 new inspiring ideas to explore further
  • The ability to create faster and with more ease and joy
  • A creative routine
  • A desire for more creativity in your life
  • Creative Confidence

I'm going to help you find the spark in your creative practice again in just 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I always suggest using what you have on hand at first.
Most of the daily art prompts can be done using some form of wet media, ie watercolours, inks, acrylic paints, along with some dry media such as coloured pencils, oil pastels, gel/paint pens. A selection of different papers or art journals is recommended.

Absolutely! This challenge is fantastic for beginners. The daily art prompts are a great way to get introduced to the principles and elements of art making as well as learning about art materials and colour combinations. Don't worry, I will guide you every step of the way through the video tutorials. If you're new, you can simply copy the examples I share with you while you build your confidence. 

Yes and Yes! I am an experienced painter regularly go through this process in my studio. I once was a burnt out painter, painting realist artworks for hours on end and losing interest in art and creating altogether. The daily prompts inside this challenge are designed to reignite your passion for creating again, to give you new ways of looking at your work and for you to find more joy and freedom in what you create. 

I suggest working no more than 30 minutes a day on these lessons. This challenge is designed to make art a sustainable practice in your everyday life, it's there to bring your joy not to burden you as another task to do.

Breathe and give yourself grace, life happens. If you miss a day you can pick up the lesson the following day or even do two days in a row. We have purposefully left the weekend between day 2 and 3 to give you time to catch up.

You will have access to the FREE challenge videos until Sunday 29th May. If you would like to keep access to the trainings, you can purchase the VIP upgrade for just $12 USD. 

Get ready to bring the SPARK back to your creativity

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