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Develop Your Painting Techniques
So That You Can Master Your Painting Style
And Share Your Work With Confidence

Mastering your painting style is hard! It’s time consuming. It’s confusing and can be so overwhelming.

If it was easy, you’d be sharing your work boldly already right?
Because you know that in order to feel confident sharing your work, you need to have a recognizable style.  
Yet you feel like you're spiraling in your studio with all these ideas 
but you just can’t seem to bring them together and make them your own.

Too often as artists we try to do ALL THE THINGS and figure it all out by ourselves. This can lead to...

Wasted Art Supplies + Time

Lack of progress in our work

Loss of confidence in our abilities

Low or no sales

Loneliness and isolation

Tell me, which of these applies to you right now?

You lack direction in your studio. You have so many ideas you want to explore yet you’re not too sure what to focus on and tend to have a lot of unfinished projects.

You lack confidence to share your work because you’re afraid of what people will think. You’re worried your work looks like 'so and so’s.'

You struggle to produce a cohesive series of work. 

You’re not sure how to transform inspiration into your own unique ideas.

The vision you have in your mind isn't quite what's coming out on the canvas.

It’s time to say GOODBYE to the Struggling Artist Mindset

The Struggling Artist is a way of thinking about your creative practice and how you fit into it.
They dabble in their studio, DIY everything and shy away from sharing their work. 

A struggling artist does not have a plan for how they will spend their time in the studio.

A struggling artist doesn't invest in learning the techniques they need to improve their work.

What they do have is an expensive hobby and a lot of unfinished work.

Don’t Be Embarrassed, It’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

There's a lot of misinformation out there that tells you if you simply spend hour upon hour in your studio painting away it will magically all come together.

Here's the TRUTH!
Mastering your painting style requires both creative inspiration and technical skills.

Most new artists however, aren’t technically trained. Heck even art school graduates (like me) can do with going back and practicing the art of painting.

So how do you expect to master your style when you focus only of creative inspiration and not on developing your technical skills.

Imagine if there was a step-by-step program that could show you
how to take your creative inspiration and develop the technical skills you need so that you could master your style and share your work with confidence.
Well that's EXACTLY what I'm here to do!

To help you STEP INTO the role of a confident emerging artist far quicker and easier than you ever could on your own!

And one of the ways we're going to do that…



The Confident Brush is a painting membership, a combination of virtual lessons, community support and live Q+As for Artists who want to master their painting style. I coach you through how to discover, develop and refine your painting style so that you can share your work with confidence.

The Confident Brush will help you:

    • Learn and master key painting and art making skills
    • Understand what makes a painting successful
    • Connect with other Artists
    • Receive support from a community of like minded individuals
    • Ask questions and get feedback
    • Develop a regular creative routine
    • Discover news ideas
    • Get inspired
    • Grow in confidence as an Artist
    • Call yourself an ARTIST

It's Time To Transform Into A Confident Artist!
Just like it's done for these TCB members...

I am sharing my work more and being proud to offer it for sale

Since joining The Confident Brush my confidence has grown in so many ways. I am sharing my work more and being proud to offer it for sale. 

I am learning the skills and the technical knowledge to create an artwork that is technically correct and a quality product that I can sell and know that it will be just as beautiful for years and years.

Having this skills base make me feel less of an imposter and more of a ‘real’ artist. Natalie teaches the skills and the techniques and then let’s you adapt them to create your own individual artwork. The Confident Brush is not a ‘paint along’ it is lessons in different styles, skills and techniques that you then adapt to your own style. With this knowledge I feel so much more confident.

Sahra Raward

Here's What Waiting For You Inside Once You Become A Member...
 Monthly Training Modules Including:


Explore painting, art making techniques and colour through online video tutorials


Apply the explored skills to a prompted project and your own work


Practical tips on how to develop your work, your studio practice and your mindset.


Get your questions answered live in the community group by Natalie every month.

Week 1: Exploring Skills

Painting Technique Tutorials and Colour Focus

At the start of each month you're introduced to a new painting technique, design principle/element and/or new art style. This is designed to build your technical skill base so you can then go on to create the works you desire with proficiency. Examples of techniques/styles/colour palettes we've covered include; blending, cubism, abstraction, mixed media, collage, monochromatic, complimentary and limited colour palettes.

Week 2: Applying Skills

Guided video painting tutorial/art project

Once you've explored a new technique you are then given a guided tutorial or art project to complete that allows you the opportunity to apply the technique to your work. This is crucial to support your development as an Artist and move you towards developing your own style and technicial proficiency.

Week 3: Studio Tips

Studio Tips and Mindset

In week 3 of every month we cover a specific studio tip or mindset challenge to help support your development as an Artist. Examples of topics we have covered include; composition, what to do when you get stuck, motivation, Instagram, varnishing an art work, how to build resilience as an Artist.

Week 4: Live Q + A

Monthly Live Q + A with your guide Natalie

In week 4 of every month we have a live Q + A inside our private facebook group. This is where you get to ask all your art related questions and get real time feedback. Often the community will ask questions that you may yet not have thought of but will come up for you. There's tremendous power in learning together as a community mastermind like this. This is often where the deepest learning and advancement occurs.

PLUS! Private Online Community of like minded Artists who get you!

Surround yourself with other Artists who have skin in the game and are just as committed as you to making this work - so you learn, share and grow together. Our TCB members refer to each other as friends, encourage each other, and share their collective knowledge with each other!

Take a peek of our Syllabus for 2022!

Check out our exciting 2022 Syllabus and discover exactly what you'll be learning each week

Ok Nat, How Much Is My Investment Into The Confident Brush!

Great question! The Confident Brush contains a wealth of knowledge and practical painting tips that I've spent over $30,000 on acquiring as I've developed my painting style over the last two decades. From investing into a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Art Degree to A  Postgraduate Teaching Degree and Mentoring Sessions with Professional Artists.

Now, you could go out and pay thousands of dollars to learn these skills for yourself, for a  Arts Course/Degree could easily set you back anything from $4,000 - $10,000.  

Or you could easily pay $500 a month to a private painting tutor
who may or may not also be a credited trained teacher.

Look, I know what it's like when you're thinking about investing into a program when most of your spare cash is going into art supplies. But the maybe the reason you're not yet mastering your style is because you're not investing in how to use your supplies effectively to get you the results you want.

Plus just think about it, once you've mastered your style, won't you feel more confident to start to share your work and start selling. Then you'll be making back your investment.

So to support you gently in this transition, I purposefully made the investment into The Confident Brush at just $47 AUD a month!

That’s right! You can join us inside The Confident Brush for just $47 today!

Ready To Master Your Painting Style

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I’m so confident that this program works if you work it. It is for this reason that I am offering you a no risk guarantee where you can cancel your membership at anytime, no questions asked.  

 Your membership will automatically renew on the date you signed up, either monthly or annually. Due to the digital nature of the membership we cannot offer refunds once your membership fee has been processed.

If you wish to cancel your membership, simply go to
My Account/Billing/Subscriptions/Cancel
Once you cancel you will lose access to all The Confident Brush content, community and benefits. You're welcome back at anytime.

I have some extra “treats” for you.

The monthly trainings inside The Confident Brush will help you develop your painting techniques so that you can master your style.  

 But that’s ONLY the beginning

 When you become a member of The Confident Brush you also get 3 major bonuses to make progress even faster and your success even easier.

Starting with…

21 Sparks of Creativity Course
Valued at $167 

If you're feeling a bit of a slump in your creative practice or looking for new ideas, 21 sparks of creativity will ignite your creative spark again.

  • 21 Sparks Of Creativity Course will show you how to explore different painting and mixed media techniques including...
  • Line
  • Texture
  • Monochromatic
  • Contrast
  • Collage 
  • Layers

Previous Art Projects!
Valued at $2400

When you become a member of The Confident Brush you get INSTANT ACCESS to all 16 previous monthly art projects.

  •               The amazing art projects available include...
  • Abstract Cityscapes
  • Cubist Florals
  • 10 Paintings in 10 Days Challenge
  • Mixed Media Landscapes
  • Pop Art Florals
  • Combine Styles
  • Working In A Collection
  • Working Big
  • Texture
  • Layering
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Impressionist Landscapes
  • 7 Days of Creativity
  • Mixed Media Botanicals
  • Fauvist Landscaps
  • Working Loose

16 Studio Tips!
Valued at $2400

When you become a member of The Confident Brush you get INSTANT ACCESS to all 14 previous monthly studio tips

  • The studio tips INSTANTLY available include...         
  • Abstract Composition
  • What To Do When You Get Stuck
  • How To Stay Motivated
  • How To Varnish A Painting
  • How To Find Your Own Style
  • Working In A Collection
  • How To Share Your Work On Instagram
  • How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome
  • How To Photograph Your Art
  • How To Package and Ship Your Art
  • How To Approach Stores/Galleries
  • Composition Principles
  • Acrylic Mediums
  • How To Build Resilience As An Artist

Here's what some of TCB students have to say about the community


When you join The Confident Brush you get instant access to the 16 previous months painting technique modules - videos and exercises that help you develop your techniques so that you can master your style (Value $2,400 )

($3217 to be exact)

So Now It’s Time For You To Make One Of Two Choices…

The first choice is to choose to go it alone and figure it all out yourself...

BUT, if you already know that you want to develop your painting techniques and master your style,  then your choice is obvious: join us inside The Confident Brush and start your transformation to becoming the confident artist you know you were meant to be.

Simply click the button below and my team and I will be waiting for you inside!

But CHOOSE Quickly!

Because this registration period won’t be open forever…

 Membership in The Confident Brush is only open for short periods.
After that it’ll be some time until you have a chance to join again.  

You’ll miss out on the chance to transform into the Confident Artist you desire to be.

You CAN do it. With the right mindset, with the right tools, and with the right support, you can transform your painting skills and master your style.

And my whole team and I will be there to help.  

So don’t waste another year dreaming about mastering your style.


_________(JUST $47 TODAY)_______

SAVE $94 when you join ANNUALLY

Hey there Creative!

I'm Natalie, an Artist and Educator who loves to support women to confidently pursue their own creative paths. You're here because you want some guidance to help you develop your technique so that you can create with your most authentic work and serve more people with your beautiful gift.

I've had a paint brush in my hand since I was 3 years old, but I too have had to put in my 10,000 hours to master my craft. Over my 30+ years I've learnt not only how to paint, I've learnt how to identify what makes a painting successful. Once you understand and master the key painting techniques and principles of composition you can begin to create work you love.

Inside The Confident Brush you'll learn how to develop your own artistic style so you can create work in your own style and boldly share it with the world. I invite you to join me and your fellow creatives as we learn, grow and flourish together.     

Student Success Stories...

The Confident Brush supports artists who are the creative seasons of...


In this season as a Hopeful Artist you are full of faith and excited about all the wonderful creative possibilities ahead of you. You're dreaming of a creative future where you can create beautiful paintings in your idyllic studio. You're inspired by all the wonderful artists you see online and in person and are hopeful you too will be doing the same one day.


In this season as a Passionate Artist you are all in! You're like a sponge absorbing as much as you can about all the colours, techniques, Artists, and painting styles. You're consuming a lot and producing a lot of different work. Your friends and family may have caught wind of your new found passion and may be cheering you on or dismissing this as just another 'hobby.' This can derail you if you let it, so be careful who you share your dream with, especially when this is new.


The Trainee Artist is a season where you have discovered the importance of learning from others in order to support your growth as an Artist. As a trainee you've humbled yourself to learn from a teacher either via online or in person. You may or may not have direct access to your teacher, this is totally dependant on your learning style. Either way, you are listening to their teaching, working through the lessons and applying it to your work.


The Emerging Artist is a season where you are beginning to identify your own style as an Artist. You’re bold and sharing your work with confidence but at times there's still a little bit of doubt there. You may be exhibiting your work in local shows or galleries or developing an online presence.

By now you’re wondering...

"Is The Confident Brush right for me?"

It's a good fit for you if..

You're ready to develop a regular creative practice 
(In whatever capacity that looks like for you)
Too often as creatives we don't prioritise time to create and develop our work. Often life gets in the way and we feel guilty taking some time for ourselves to be in our studios. What happens though is we tend to get resentful, moody or saddened when we don’t allow ourselves creative time. There’s tremendous power and healing in creativity and when you give yourself permission to be in your studio, you are doing not only a service to your work and yourself, but you are also becoming a much happier more expressive individual for your loved ones. Committing to a membership like The Confident Brush helps support you in your creative practice and gives you gentle prompts to spend time in the studio. Whether that be 30 mins a week or 2 – 3 hours a week. The choice is yours.  

You're willing to do the work

 As per above, you need to be willing to do the work to improve your skills. If the vision of your work isn’t quite what it’s coming out on the canvas, that is simply because you don’t yet have the technical proficiency to communicate what you want to say. You need to take the time to learn and refine your skills. The Confident Brush will support you with this.

You want to improve your mindset
There’s a lot of work to be done to move forward in your creative path and often the biggest hurdle is your mindset. This can prevent you from showing up, sharing your work and persisting with your artistic development. Things like doubt, imposter syndrome, fear, self sabotage, shyness and rejection can and will come up. Inside The Confident Brush we have a wonderful supportive community and specific trainings to help improve your mindset so you can continue to grow as an Artist. Because ultimately, it’s about sharing your beautiful work with the world.  

But it isn't for you if...

You aren’t willing to do the work
If you’re just looking for inspiration and not willing to apply the teachings to your work this isn’t for you. You will not progress if you don’t take the time to put in the work. If you can’t commit to at least 2 hours a month in the studio, this isn’t for you. 

You want to be a professional artist within a month
It takes time to develop your skills and find your artistic voice, let alone build a solid art business (if that’s your desire). If you’re looking for a get ‘art famous’ quick scheme, this isn’t it. Our Confident Brush members get results because they are consistent, diligent and disciplined. They persevere with their work, work through challenges (both in their work and mindset) and make steady solid progress. This sets them up for sustainable growth and success.  

You’re looking for private one on one coaching

If you are looking for private one on one coaching, The Confident Brush is not the right program for you. I do offer limited private one on one coaching opportunities, as well as a small group coaching program, Paint Your Own Path, which are both set at significantly larger investments. The Confident Brush Membership was created to balance the need for specialised art teaching and coaching in a community format for those who want one on one coaching experience without the expense.  

Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling in The Confident Brush?
Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked.
If for some reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to our support team at, so we can assist you.

The Confident Brush is for The Hopeful, Passionate, Trainee or Emerging artist wanting to improve their painting techniques so that they can master their own style. To identify where you are on your own creative path and how The Confident Brush can help you, check out The Artists Creative Guide here.

All the lessons with the exception of the live Q + A are recorded. You can work through the lessons at your own pace and revisit them as needed. All lessons are available to you for as long as you remain a member. Take things at your own pace, remember this is your creative journey. 

There is!  Every Wednesday one of the following is released.  

Week 1: Exploring Skills
Week 2: Applying Skills
Week 3: Studio Tips
Week 4: Live Q + A: 45 - 60 minutes LIVE Q + A Discussion

Check out the 2022 Syllabus here

The courses I offer are intensive time based options designed to master a certain skill or style in a short period of time.

The Confident Brush is the perfect place to make gentle, steady, consistent progress. I will be showing up and walking alongside you in that process, offering insight to help improve your creative skills so you can create with confidence.

Absolutely! You'll learn new skills each month which you'll then go on to apply to your work.
You will receive assignments, prompts and gentle critiques as a community. These will help you develop your own style.

Natalie is in the community answering questions weekly and hosts a live Q&A / conversation each month. As anyone who has been in this kind of community with Natalie knows, she is an open book and loves to offer support and advice to help her fellow creatives grow and flourish. 

Absolutely not! The Confident Brush is designed to fit your lifestyle.
Throughout the month you will get plenty of time to watch the lessons and do the assignments at your own pace.
It's all about making unhurried, consistent progress. Remember, this is your creative journey. 

Currently The Confident Brush is priced at $47 AUD per month or $470 AUD annually (includes 2 free months). You will continue to pay this price for as long as you remain a Confident Brush member. 

You can cancel your membership any time you like, no questions asked! .
Your membership will automatically renew on the date you signed up, either monthly or annually.
Due to the digital nature of the membership we cannot offer refunds once your membership fee has been processed.
If you wish to cancel your membership, simply go to My Account/Billing/Subscriptions/Cancel
Once you cancel you will lose access to all The Confident Brush content, community and benefits.
You're welcome back at anytime.

We always suggest using what you have on hand at first. Specific materials will be advised at the start of each month for the projects.
As a basis you should have:
Some form of wet media, ie acrylic paints, watercolours, inks, highflow acrylics
Some dry media such as coloured pencils, oil pastels, gel/paint pens.
Some form of painting surfaces such as different papers, watercolour papers, art journals, canvas or wood panels.

Final Thoughts From Your Guide, Natalie

I'm confident that you will make progress in your creative path if you apply the skills and trainings taught inside this community.

I'm very proud of the impact I've already had on many of the lives of my students and I know I can help you make your creative dreams a reality as well.

If you want to advance in your creative path, join myself and the wonderful community of Artists inside The Confident Brush.

Natalie xx

The Confident Brush supports you to develop your own artistic style so you can create with confidence and share your work boldly with the world.

_________(JUST $47 TODAY)_______

SAVE $94 when you pay in join ANNUALLY