Abstract Florals 101
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Abstract Florals 101

From Colour to Canvas

Finally a step by step system to create Abstract Floral paintings 

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Have you always wanted to learn how to paint beautiful abstract floral paintings but you have know idea where to start, or even what art supplies you will need!

Or, perhaps you're a bit of a ‘perfectionist or realist’ artist looking for a way to loosen up your painting style, but in a controlled and gentle way. But when you pick up a brush and try to do this 'abstract' thing you end up overwhelmed, frustrated or even lose an interest in creating altogether.

Imagine if you could paint abstract florals using a simple step by step formula that you could repeat over and over again to create artworks that you could be proud of. One that would guide you, but also give you the space to develop and nurture your own painting style. Imagine going into your studio excited to paint and explore new creative pathways in your work armed with a plan to get you there.

No more fumbling around in the studio not knowing where to start. Sounds like bliss right!

This is exactly what Abstract Florals 101 is designed to do!

Inside this course you will learn...



Learn a super simple way to mix colours using only a few art supplies. Learn how to source and create a colour palette that lights you up and is fun to create with.



Learn simple painting techniques that you can use to effectively create background layers for your abstract paintings so you know exactly how to start a painting.



Learn how to use different brushes and mixed media to create a series of floral shapes so you have visual imagery to add to your paintings.



Learn how to work in a series so that you avoid getting stuck with your work and have a way to explore new ideas freely.
Learn the 3 step process that takes you from starting to finishing a work so you have a go to system to support you.



Learn the 3 step process that takes you from starting a painting to completion on canvas so that now you can create works on a larger scale.

Are you ready to learn to paint Abstract Florals?

Check out this stunning work created by AF101 Students!

Hi! I'm Natalie, the creator of Abstract Florals 101

Look I get it! I’ve been a painter for over a decade and for the most part I painted in a very controlled way, yet I would always look over at abstract artists and envy them. I wanted to be able to paint freely like them, yet I just couldn’t let my controlling nature allow myself to do so. I would often get told to just ‘loosen up my style’ yet no one showed me how! Then finally, after years of trial and error, tears, trashed work and countless $$ spent of art supplies and failed canvas attempts, I found a way.

That’s why I’ve created this course.

Natalie Parker - Abstract Floral Painter + Educator

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This Module in itself is worth the whole cost of the course alone!

Sneak Peek....

To a look inside our course to see a timelapse of Module 5. You'll receive full access to this painting demonstration including detailed instruction throughout the whole 90 minute lesson.

I’m going to give you the shortcut I wish I had when learning to paint abstract florals and leave you with a step by step system from colour to canvas and everything in between.

Here's what our previous students have to say about their experience of Abstract Florals 101...

Deciding to sign up for Abstract Florals 101 VIP experience was easily the best decision I’ve made in a long time. This is about a whole lot more than learning to paint abstract flowers. Natalie is an extremely talented Artist and Teacher. She has shared every detail of the process she uses to produce her beautiful Abstract Floral paintings. The process and techniques she teaches are so much fun - but also along the way I learnt about so many important art principles, all of which can be applied to any style of art for great results. Natalie genuinely cares about the success of her students. She is very approachable and available for any questions, generously sharing the wealth of knowledge she has from years of training, teaching and creating. My artwork, my confidence and my enjoyment of the process of creating have improved enormously since doing this course, and that is priceless.

Melanie Townsend
​Abstract Florals 101 VIP Student 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can take this course using basic art supplies that you have at home.

We suggest as a base
Acrylic Paint - 3 Primary's (red, blue, yellow) + black and white - our fave brands are Matisse and Golden Paints
Round and Flat brushes + 1 large 1 inch Flat Brush
300gsm Watercolour paper
1 Canvas 16" x 20" or larger
Coloured Pencils or Posca Paint Pens

For the full list including links of stockists in Australia and New Zealand click here

Absolutely! This course is fantastic for beginners. I take you right through the process from sourcing art supplies, to how to mix and understand colours, painting techniques and how to complete a work from start to finish. My teaching process is very methodical and you will be well supported each step of the way. If you select the VIP option you are even more at an advantage as you have direct support from me for the duration of the VIP experience. 

Yes and Yes! I was an experienced painter when I went through this exact process I am teaching inside the course. I was a burnt out painter, painting realist artworks for hours on end and losing interest in art and creating altogether. The lessons in this course are designed to reignite your passion for creating again, to give you new ways of looking at your work and for you to find more joy and freedom in what you create. 

Each of the modules has around 60 - 90 minutes of teaching content, with 8 hours of teaching content throughout the course. On average it would take you around 2 hours to work through each of the modules.  The modules are broken down into smaller sized lessons so you can work through the lessons individually. If you have selected the self paced course you can work at your own pace and take your time going through the content. If you have selected the VIP experience, most students complete a module a week. However, many love to go over the content and then redo the lessons with different colour palettes and ideas.

I suggest you pick a small amount of time each week that you can commit to your working through the course at a pace that suits you. Remember this is your creative journey, you take it at your pace. You have access to the course material for 12 months, so there's plenty of time to complete the modules and even redo some. 

The VIP Experience is a fantastic way to learn and grow as an Artist with a supportive community of like minded individuals.

As a VIP you get access to 4 Live Q + A sessions with me weekly to ask any questions about the course and your creative practice. Often the discussions we have go much deeper than the technical components of the course and go deeper into art making principles and elements as well as art and creative business coaching.

VIPs also get to join me for 2 live painting sessions where I demonstrate and talk through my process as I paint an Abstract Floral Painting on Paper (week 3) and then on canvas (week 4). This is a huge advantage! It's a real life backstage pass into my studio to see exactly what I do and ask me questions in real time.

PLUS, another advantage of being a VIP is you have exclusive access to me for the duration of the VIP experience (5 weeks). You can email, message or post in our FB group any questions and I will respond in 24 hours. It's like having your own personal art coach for 5 weeks, that in itself is worth the investment. 

I've put my heart and soul into this course and I know it will help you! 

I've put my heart and soul into this course and I know it will help you! Why, because my students have told me and also because it's the exact system I use to produce my own professional artwork.

Abstract Florals 101 is a collective of my 30+ years of painting experience (yes I've been painting since I was 3!), expert training via art school and solid experience teaching 1000's of students on and offline for over a decade!

I not only know how to paint, I know how to teach it!

This course has helped many aspiring artists find their feet in the studio, inspired them to create boldly, and given them a sound system to work with so they can have more success in the studio.

Painting is a joy and I want to help you find your own joy in your creative process.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside, Natalie xx

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